Heroes for Hirelings: A Speculative RPG

  • Are you tired of being the first thing a monster hits?
  • Have you grown weary of attracting the attention of gold-diggers and big-wigs?
  • Do you miss carrying torches?
  • Do you ever think that Player Character Classes are massively overpowered?

Well YOU might just be a hireling!

No longer will the world of Personal Adventuring Assistants be overlooked! In the gripping world of Heroes for Hirelings you can:

TRAVEL the world on someone else’s dime AND you’ll get paid for it!

BARTER and WHEEDLE your way into Sweet Deals with Merchants for Everyday Items!

BRUTALLY PIT various Adventuring Parties against each other!

CONCOCT and ENACT Inter-party Animosities and Alliances!

SECRETLY fund your own personal business ventures while staying out of the line of fire!

AMASS your Stash!

CARRY OUT Secret Missions!

Appraise and Pocket the SHIT out of things while the Party’s back is turned

Come join Heroes for Hirelings: a world of Espionage, Intrigue, and Cunning.