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DamSM: D4
DamL: D3
Weight: 20
Speed: 2

DamSM: –
DamL: –
Weight: 100
Speed: 10
ROF: 1
RangeS: 1
RangeM: 2
RangeL: 3

The gladiators’ net consists of a small (8′ to 12′ diameter) circular net with weights around the edge and a trailing rope used for control. Customarily, it is folded in such a manner that it will twirl open when thrown; the gladiator throws it with one hand, keeping a grip on the trailing rope with the other. If the gladiator makes his attack roll, he has a Pin maneuver on his target (see the rules for Pin maneuver from the Combat Rules chapter). All the notes on Pin apply here except one: the netted character may not make any sort of attack on the netter until he’s won a Strength ability check and thrown that net off. On the round after the gladiator has netted his opponent, he has a choice of what he wants to do. He can hold onto the trailing rope with his off-hand (in order to maintain the Pin), pull out another weapon with his free hand, and attack his prey with that weapon. Eventually, his prey will probably win a Strength ability check and shrug that net off; in the meantime, the gladiator may get several rounds of unreturned attack on him. Alternatively, he can try to improve his hold on the target. By continuing to loop the trailing rope around his victim, he can improve the capture until the victim has no chance of escape. To do this, he must make an ordinary roll to-hit against his victim’s AC each round. On each successful hit, the victim loses 4 points of effective Strength for purposes of breaking free of the net. If the victim wins a Strength ability check against his captor before his Strength drops to 0, he breaks free (and his Strength is normal for all other purposes). If he fails, and his Strength is brought down to 0, he is hopelessly enmeshed in the net and cannot get out until his captor lets him. When a gladiator throws a net and misses, it is open and unfolded. That doesn’t mean he can no longer fight with it . . . but it is not as accurate, because it’s not folded right. Each subsequent attack roll with the unfolded net is at a –3 to attack rolls. With a properly-folded net, an attacker can perform Disarm, Parry and Pin maneuvers. Once a net is unfolded, such attacks are at a –3 to attack rolls.

via Complete Fighter’s Handbook

Sling Staff
DamSM: –
DamL: –
Weight: 51
Speed: –
ROF: 1
RangeS: –
RangeM: –
RangeL: –

Attacks as per quarterstaff or sling.

DamSM: D2
DamL: 1
Weight: 20
Speed: 8