AD&D Module A1~ Slave Pits of the Undercity was originally designed for tournament play and provides pregenerated characters levels 4-7 with included magic gear and spell lists. We will use our characters with optionally augmented gear. For flavor, please read the Preamble post.

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Note to All: Swearing of the Oath is accompanied by the undertaking of a Quest (as per the spell).

For each of you willing to swear the oath, you have been presented with the following items:

Rolls will be made pregame on Thursday!

  • Alex: magic weapon of choice + 1 (magically enchanted steel or made of wood from a Cudgel Tree) regular plate armor (though beautifully engraved); vial of holy water ~ weapon’s hilt bears the celtic cross of  St. Cuthbert, armor is engraved in a darker metal with a massive hammer. Nope. That’s not phallic even in the slightest.

    Quest: As they are presumed dead, you are instructed to return with information regarding the fate or remains of the Brothers Hammer. The plate armor given you was the personal armament of  Lord Sledgar Hammer donated out of duty to his sons.

  • Bobby: magic weapon: Jo: (roll D6) 1-4 +1, 5-6 +2 ; bracers of defense (roll D6) 1-4 +1, 5-6 +2 ; set of robes (made of Fire Giant Hair) with resistance to fire (the robes are resistant to burning, not the wearer); book: portable copy of the hallowed “Phoulti Philosophy” with numerous marked and dogeared passages particularly suited for interfaith debate (The Phoulti believe that all other “gods” are merely aspects of Pholtus as He is the God of All-That-the-Sun-and-Moon-Survey) ~ all are inscribed with the sun and moon symbol of Pholtus

    Quest: You are to return with five unholy symbols of enemies bested during the Slave-ring operation.

  • Dylan: boots of elvenkind – halfling sized; ring of protection +1; book: “The Good Thief’s Guide to Good Thieving: a Self Help Book on How to Help Yourself” ~ boots are embroidered with a clouded mountain range, ring bears a ruby on an engraved mountain
  • Jim: magic weapon of choice: (roll D6) 1-4 +1, 5-6 +2 ; ring of protection +1; spell components ~ with a hilt made of enchanted oak, your weapon is engraved with the prancing unicorn of Ehlonna – when drawn, the engraving glows, casting a green glow in a ten foot radius – (effect can be negated with Wisdom check); ring is actually petrified wood and bears the sprouting acorn design

Quest: You must plant a tree in a place suitable for growth within the temple  (requires casting of Plant Growth).

  • Junior: magic weapon of choice: (roll D6) 1-4 +1, 5-6 +2 ; scroll of Raise Dead; spell components ; weapon engraved with both celtic cross of St. Cuthbert and hammers – regardless of weapon chosen it makes a loud hammering sound when wielded.

Quest: You must free at least twenty slaves

  • Matt: magic weapon of choice +1; chain mail (roll D6) 1-4 +2, 5-6 +3scroll of Communespell components ~ weapon bears the dice of Istus – die numbers change each time the weapon is used to strike; chain mail engraved-with/displaying the golden spindle(s)

Quest: Three times a day, you must consult the sword (dice) for decisions while involved in operations against the Slave Ring.

  • Murphy: Fire Resistant Spell-book with spells (you’ve been given them); spell components for known spells; wand of fireball (4 charges) ~ spell-book cover depicts large eye-in-pentagon symbol of Baccob and no matter what angle an observer looks at the spell-book, the eye appears to be looking directly at them.

Quest: You must return with a specimen worthy of study

  • Trevor: magic weapon of choice +1; leather armor +1 (Dire Badger Leather) ; bandana of many colors (an otherwise regular bandana with magic resistance to damage ~ provides no protection other than to itself – it can change color or any combination of colors once per turn as owner commands- oddly enough, it can turn the color “lubed” twice per day (non flammable) – It can also function as a map of the night sky which can be used for navigation when above ground) ~ items all display starry sky of Celestia(n) though the bandana may turn a solid unmarked hue with the stars visible only upon the closest of inspections.

Quest: You must find and return two Slaver maps