How Experience is Granted: Have You Ever Been Experienced? ~ A Disclaimer

XP is meted out in Five Ways:

    • Defeating Monsters and/or Enemies: This is mitigated by opponent’s number of hit points, hit die, and special abilities. Total is divided by number of party members even remotely involved in combat. House Rule (for as long as I am DMing): Starting next session~ Natural 20s in combat grant 100 XP to next session. Fumbles grant Negative 50 XP for next award session.  Saving Throw rolls do not apply.
    • Gold: Players are granted additional XP for every gold or gold value they receive during a session. This is not divided amongst the party. If 1000 gold pieces are found, and the finder shares this with the rest of the party, each member would receive their share in gold And Xp. If a gem worth 1000 gold is found, that player who has the gem receives the 1000 XP and no one else. (edit) Recovering Magic Items gives experience, but Magic Items do not grant Gold Worth in XP unless sold. If these are sold, then gold-XP can be awarded with the following formula: sale-price minus the experience for recovering the magic item in the first place = xp earned for selling a magic item.
    • Class Specific Behavior and Actions: Fighters should do well in combat and protect the weaker members of the party; Barbarians should be barbarous and use their outdoor abilities when applicable; Paladins must uphold the causes of Law and Good, and must be honorable; Clerics should act under the tenants of their faith, heal in combat and repel/control the undead; Druids should act in accordance with nature, protect animals and heal in combat; Thieves must be thiefy; magic users should use the right spell at the right time; Monks should act thiefy at times and uphold the tenants of their order. These awards are subject to the DM’s judgement and take into account setting and threat level.
    • Novel Solutions: Coming up with an original solution to a problem can earn XP. Additionally, the modules also sometimes have specific actions that are rewarded.
    • Journals: (House Rule) Every player will receive 500 XP for their first in character journal entry on the boards per level. After that, journaling players will receive 20 x Character Level in XP per journal entry with a minimum of 200 words. Pictures are not worth 1000 words, but 100, and must be accompanied by at least 100 words of text to count as a journal entry. (edit) Original art posted without the additional 100 words of text receives full 20 x Character Level bonus, but does not count toward the 500 xp per level journal entry. Only one journal entry per session of play will be awarded XP- this is not retroactive.   For example: Belmont is level 4. He will receive 500 XP for his recent journal entry. If he posts another entry he will receive 80 XP (level 4 x 20). Once he reaches level 5, his first journal entry will be worth 500 XP, and others after that will receive 100 (level 5 x 20) until Level 6, and so on. 

Session 1:

    Alex, Bobby, Jim,  Maher (Samhein), Matt, Murphy, Trevor

5 skeletons
8 1st level half-orcs
3 3rd level orcs
2 4th level orc
4 harpies

Encounter XP:
285 experience each + individual rewards

Adrionus: +100 for timely Sleep spell
+200 for effective Web
Sancho: 50 for picking off Skeletons

Additional XP: Darius Belmont– 500 XP for initial journal entry on Ojai Gaming Boards (all players will receive 500 XP for an initial in-character journal entry)

Treasure XP: whoever searched the guard for keys to unlock the slaves found a gem worth 1000 gold. Was this Jim? Disputes will be settled by a roll off at the beginning of the next session. Winner of the dispute (if there is one) receives the gem and an additional 1000 XP.


Session 2: Alec, Bobby, Dustin (Samhein 1/2 XP), Jim, Junior, Matt, Trevor

17 1st level half-orcs
3 1st level orcs
3 3rc level half-orcs
4 4th level half-orcs
1 7th level half-orc
8 ghouls
2 ghasts

Encounter XP: 390 each + individual rewards

Bronzefist: +80 for attempting to find trap on secret door
Cassandra: +110 for turning ghoul; +10 xp per hit point healed during melee. we will roll at next session to approximate
Darius: +100 for sweet Double Impale on Nat 20
Pele: 170 for ghouls turned; +10 xp per hit point healed during melee. we will roll at next session to approximate
+10 xp per hit point healed during melee
Sancho:  +10 xp per hit point healed during melee. we will roll at next session to approximate
Vorshlapt: +100 for Blender Mode

Treasure XP:

Sancho gets recovered gold in XP; a sweet short sword
Six players found a potion and six gems. Gems are worth 500 gold each and thus 500xp each.


Totals: (Not including one 1000 gp gem or Hit Points healed in melee for the Clerics and Druid, also will alot XP for a few items found)

  • Adrionus: session 1 yields 585 XP (edit: plus 500 additional XP for past crayon postings) new total: 1085
  • Bronzefist: session 1 and 2 yield 1270 XP
  • Cassandra: session 1 and 2 yield 1285  XP+ healing in combat
  • Darius: session 1 and 2 yield 1775 XP
  • Pele: session 2 yields 1060 XP + healing in combat
  • Samhein: session 1 and 1/2 of 2: 485 XP
  • Sancho: session 1 and 2 yield 1240 XP plus healing in combat
  • Vorschlaaapt: session 1 and 2 yield 1290 XP