(posted by infravision on behalf of beerboxrobot)

So Vorschlapt, completely dishartend by the fact that the crew let some whack job magic user go, armed to the teeth, while i was taking my customary mid-battle dump, promptly wiped my ass on the fallen (by combining my spring attack and a dogie butt-scoot maneuver) and promptly chased after him. The crew chose not to follow. Being of immense strength and agility i quickly caught up to him and relieved him of his utterly distasteful magical possessions. As i stuffing the robes in his mouth and tying a knot around his head an assassin came out of hiding and stabbed me in the back while the accosted got me with shocking grasp doing a fair amount of damage. Being of barbarian nature im not used to being surprised. Feeling overwhelmed i did the very unbarbarian like thing and ran twords my crew screaming help like a little girl. As if to help me save face the wizard cast web on me to stop me from fleeing and remind me that killing such magic users is worth death. Thinking a small child was in danger the group came to my rescue. Upon seeing the murderous mob the assassin cast invisibility and vanished saying some spiteful thing or another. Adrionous in all his glory threw a web spell right back twords him. As of now the web spell is in mid-air as is the fates of the team, the slaves were trying to rescue and the lone Hammer Brother we found.