Okay – so here is the basic XP for the combat and spoils from the last two and a half sessions I ran. This tally is missing Clerical and Druidic healing in combat, as well as any of the Crit/Fumble bonuses. This also does not include XP for Bobby’s Magic Animal Adventure session (though it does include my part of that evening).

1st level: 32 orcs, half-orcs, and men-at-arms
3rd level: 3 orc guards
4th: 2 orc slavers, 5 giant ants
5th 2 guards, 1 orc assassin
6th: 5 giant weasels, Jaspers, Troll, 5 apsis (insect dudes, Doppelganger)
7th: Grumash Cleric, O’won
9th: 2 Slaver Guards

total combat XP: 17,981

ring of ?: O’won
Bracers of ?: O’won
ring of ?: Jaspers
potion of ?: Jaspers
plate armor of ?: grumash cleric
5900 gold
3 necklaces- 1000 each
3 gems- 500 each
1 gem 2000
magicy animal hides- 1500 each

total spoils XP 26981

necklaces, gems, and magic items need to be allocated to players

Combat, Gold and Magicy Animal Hides Xp for each party member:

2569 combat xp + 842 recovered gold xp + 1500 magicy animal hide Xp = 4911 XP

All players receive 4911 xp and 842 gold – this does not include gold or xp for gems or magic items, healing in battle or crit/fumble bonuses/negs. ownership to be determined at start of next session.

In addition: Murphy +300 for web spell on O’won and Jaspers and Sleep on slaver guards; and Trevor 500 for journal entry