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To the Venerable Mother Elizabeth-
Lady of Belmont,

(I address this to you dear lady, as your knowledge and wisdom in matters of the soul have always guided me true. It is also you whom I best guess would understand such happenings as these I will in turn tell.)

It began with a dream.

I found myself in a great mist, and as I moved forth, a clearing appeared surrounded by dense jungle. There was a glow before me of such brightness it very well blinded thee to stare directly into it. Shielding mine eyes, the glow lessened and my gaze turned again into it. What vision I saw brought a thunderous strike through my heart. For it were two white horses locked in copulatory mount; the stallion a mighty winged Pegasus, and the mare none other then the mythical Unicorn itself!

Thy should have felt shame from intruding into a moment of such intimate ecstasy between these holy creatures, for surely it is an offense. Yet not, thy felt nothing but a warm reception from the two, almost as if my presence was requested…

The sounds of the camp stirring awakened me.

I knew at once mine destiny called, a true vision from the gods. St. Cuthbert himself must have found me worthy to witness such a scene.  And like an arrow on a compass, my heart drew me towards a mountain in the distance. Sharing my vision with thine colleagues, they joined me as we traveling at haste towards the mountain, I suspect out of curiosity over obligation.

At the foot of the mountain, we came upon a village. Deciding to inquire stories of my destination for the climb up into the dense jungle.  We entered the inn.  I was somehow not surprised to see mine old comrade from many years prior, Incandenza- the halfling thief. He too had dreamt a vision persuading him to summon a party and journey here. This was too immediate a coincidence to be accidental, so we shared our stories with haste and passion.

Where as mine vision was one of joy and light, poor Incandenza’s was plagued with haunts. His nightmare was filled with fire, evil and death.  Particularly, our deaths…
So there WAS a trial of courage to be had!  Although his tales were most unsettling, I was burning with excitement to continue forth.  Overhearing our speech, an aged knight of impressive decoration approached us with his own curious tale.  A dream he had of leading men up the slopes of the mountain to battle an evil wizard.

In hindsight, I do regret my involving of this distinguished gentleman in our quest so blindly.  For the next morrow we entered the mouth of the volcano’s dungeon, and this man (as well as our party) was promptly spilt in two.

This is where I can recall less.  We found undead creatures and evilness about the tunnels in the mountain.  But, my Lady, at some point along the path towards that jungle clearing in my vision, I lose memory.  It was as if I was pulled into two places at once.  One where my heart beckoned and another where duty required.  Tis, I suppose, the marked burden of any Paladin; to do right and sacrifice thyself in the process… My mind comes clear again as literally I am stuck between these two places!  I hear my comrades voices echo through the darkness as I yodeled out towards them.  For I was indeed bound by some magical force from moving forward or backwards.  This is also mine first knowledge that I was no longer alone on my journey.  For along side me, arrested as well, was a soul I feel I’ve always known.  It is here, if not for mine comrades help, we would have not been saved.  Eternally displaced between two worlds.  I thanks them with all mine hearts’ blood.

Once rescued, my mare and I looked each other over.  It seemed the Pegasus and Unicorn in mine vision hath produced a magnificent offspring.  This new friend was gifted with neither the flight of its father nor the magical weapon of its mother, but without fail inherited their beauty, grace and intelligence.  For her wings were small and her horn be tiny.  Little Wings she be called.  And together our souls seem more perfect in compliment then the moon and the stars in the sky.

My Lady, you’ve know me well since my boyhood, we have spoke of the struggles of the heart in pursuit of justice, honor and truth.  This letter is writ as a thanks for your kindness and guidance.  For it seems my faith has been rewarded as this beast fills a hole of doubt in mine soul.  I return to battle now with renewed vigor.  For may evil shutter in mine presence, as together mounted we be a most mortal weapon.   Pray for mine soul for my struggle is not over, but pray please too for the enemies who will fall under mine knife, and be crushed beneath the hooves of mine wrath.

Forever Your Faithful Servant,

Sir Darius Belmont