Reached the 20 Orc goal of the Horde.  When grouped together they look like a real tough bunch to try and get past… or away from.  Just like the Hero character’s for everyone, I’ve made low level and higher level versions for game play.  There is a shift in skin pigment, size and armor with these guys.  I think I may make 5 more female Orcs and 3 Orc Shaman just because I forgot to mix up the sex/class.

So the first grouping are the low level Orcs seen here, with lighter skin, smaller frames and a poor AC.

These are my stronger armored crew. All the armor was made from bits of sheet copper embossed to make it look studded.

Last are the Big Dogs, the Orcs that are so mean they don’t have much need for armor, just something huge to swing at you!

I still plan to paint the base stand on the different level guys separate colors, that way the DM has an easy time telling who’s who apart on the map.