The fact that any of us made it out alive should be cause for celebration.  While we lost some dear friends along the way (and a not so dear mage) the party remained more or less intact and triumphant.  I am very excited about the new PCs who will be joining the party, it should be a good mix.

The most important thing though, we made off with a crazy amount of loot. (In this case it is worth less then it should be because of the level drains that occurred obtaining it.)  Anyway, as treasurer of the party and because I respect the need for transparency in such manners, all treasure will be categorically listed below.

I will add the treasure gathered from fallen comrades separately, as not to confuse XP point distribution.

ANY item/coin gained on this quest should be posted in comments.  I will add to the main post afterwards. 

All treasure XP is spilt equally among surviving members.  Treasure is stored in the party’s trust account, (as agreed to in the Party Charter) after distribution. Unused or unissued items will stay in the party trust account until needed or an appropriate PC can use.

NOTE: Any DM ruling on treasure will not be challenged by treasurer.


1,600 Platinum (=16,000 Gold)

6,700 Gold

16,000 Electrum (=3,200 Gold)

Total Coins Earned: 25,900 Gold


1x +2 Intelligent Longsword

1x +2 Scimitar of the Sun (+3 to hit undead, +10 damage to vampires)

1x +2 Axe

1x +2 Plate Mail

1x +2 Chain Mail

1x Ring of Protection of Scrying

3x Mystery Incense

1x Silver Icon of Ravenloft, Angel Statue (+4 turning undead, 3D6 heals per day)


1x Strom’s Horse Drawn Carriage

4x Fine Black Horses of Strom’s Carriage.