After near death at the hands of the vampire, I find thyself in a strange land.

By some magic perhaps, my companions and I have been led into this distant realm.  My pigeons sent to the house Hammer go unanswered. The couriers and traders I speak to have never heard of Greyhawk. It may be a long while before I find my way back,  supposing I ever do.

This must be the will of the gods that we have come to this place.  We made our way to a small city and took respite in a rented manor.  We hired servants and guards to see to our needs, as a proper adventuring troop.

Not long after our arrival, our Sergeant of Arms, Sancho the Vampire Slayer, heard word of a terrible injustice. A murdered druid priest was crucified to the wooden posts of the dock, as a symbol of the perpetrator’s boasts of triumph. I was still tending my wounds when the party set out to find these vile brigands. Investigating this, they travelled across a great lake and found a sacred grove of forest that the dead priest protected.  It was here I reunited with my party having no longer the patience to wait behind swoon, while my brothers engaged danger and combat. I came upon them during melee, and ran forth impaling completely through a bandit.  Apparently, frozen stiff from fear of my gallant charge! Two men met in town had seemingly joined us in the search, a lecherous old wizard and a homely, coal stained preacher. Apparently, Vorschalpt the Damager did not take well to the courtesies of the cleric.

A prisoner taken told us the whereabouts of his cowardly accomplices.  We hatched a strategy to engage them that involved myself, in valiant stride, to announcing our arrival, commanding them to lay down their arms and surrender.

All went according to the plan, until it took a strange turn… Before the bandits could respond, the old rambling Mage who walks with us now, appeared from thin air and struck half of the enemies with a bolt of savage lightning. I can only surmise that the mage saw the brigands preparing a sneak attack that had been veiled from my eyes.

Melee ensued, I engaged three enemies, not missing a single swing with my sword.  I felled the three, receiving only minor wounds.  When I turned to slay the others, only one remained and I knelt him before my blade to repent of face the bitter whisper of the cricket.  He plead for mercy, rapidly blathering about his kinghood of this here grove.  How he on it through dueling the former protector priest, and claiming the title himself. Sancho stepped forward to challenge the scoundrel to a duel as such.

The fight was fierce.  The two exchanged blows, blade for blade, steel for steel.  Sancho, slowly cut the man to pieces, ending it with a hack to the bandit king’s leg, emptying him of what blood was left in his person. Sancho, was now protector of the grove.  Thy pride for my comrade shined bright.  To think, I now accompanied a king on my adventures! What an honor.

Since this, we have prepared ourselves to move onward and seek adventure. Assembling gear and supplies for the journey…

There seems to be some commotion at the door, a messenger calls for the king of the grove.  What ill tidings does this man bring?