Its always the same, no matter what.  Just when you think maybe you could start over, start fresh…

The sun is sooo bright.

Skin is starting to burn, you can feel it.  It is not so bad now, but in a few hours: Pink. Red.  Pain.  Feet are getting sore, the soles are not as tough as they used to be. This stupid road is rocky too.  You have to be careful not to step on a sharp one.  You just did.  You big stupid freak.  Watch where you are going.

Don’t cry, no tears for you.  You deserve it, you always deserve it.  You should have known better. These people are no different then anybody else, they hate you.  They don’t trust you, they laugh at you. That’s why you are here, on this road, naked and humiliated.  You HAD to impress them, didn’t you.  As if your 7″ doesn’t do enough.  You HAD to show them how strong you are.

How stupid you are is more like it.

Gods, how far is the wagon?  Its like you been walking for hours.  No shelter on this road, no shelter anywheres really.  No place for you to go but back.  Back from failure, back to shame, back to normal.

You’ll kill them for this.  They took your sword, armor clothes, dignity.  They wouldn’t even wrestle you.  They bleed though.