Last weekend, I went to the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Fair in Las Vegas. It was a pretty hot weekend, but I was prepared: I dressed in the lighter fabrics of the Pashtun people. Plus I had a parasol:

My comrades and me. L to R: Dan the monk, John the barbarian, Stefani the pirate(?), me the Afghan traveler.

I had to ride the camel, as I was appropriately dressed to do so. I was paired with a random Japanese tourist. Pro-tip for men who wish to ride a camel: do your damnedest to ride in the front. The camel’s hump will smash your balls.

Here we are with the giant inflatable dragon slide in the background. I don’t understand it either.

John flexes while taking the camel ride.

Knights engaging in an honorable handshake. Predictable antics and silly fighting ensued.

Horse and knight and announcer.

Knight at the ready for the joust.

Knight leaps off of horse to punch the other knight.

There are other photos on my Flickr, but these represent a decent sampling of the nonsense.