(From a brittle sealed parchment, blood stained and yellowed with age.)

Hail Sir Darius Belmont!

Your letter arrived to us with great expectation, for we have brooded over the fate of our sons each day since their disappearance. While we are grateful to hear of your continued commitment to the search, your lack of success brings no relief to our hearts. I still hold bated my breath with hope of their survival, Cuthbert willing.

The stories of you and your comrade’s travels thus far are heralded through the land. The slaying of the orcish slavers, the battle with the Hill Giants, and the magnificent triumph over the evil Vampire Lord in Ravenloft, from which many of you did not survive… Your own life barely hanging on by a thread of Cuthbert’s cloak. Breaking the grasp of such a powerful evil force is indeed a deed to be celebrated.

Thy can imagine mine armor gifted to you has brought you some luck! For it saved my hide from skinning many an instance. A hide I would gladly sacrifice to see the face of my boys once more…

As a father and a knight, I must confess pride in my choice of you, Belmont, to be charged with this quest. I would trust no man greater in persistence and bravery then thee. To be even further blessed with companions of valor and honor to be accompanying you along the way is something not to be taken for granted.

You spoke of plans to build a caravan? Have you not spent enough company with the likes of Gypsies to become one yourself!? I rib of course. In earnest, if you need any help further on your quest, know that I will do whatever I can to provide the means to your success.

May God bless your sword “Cricket” as it guides your conscience, and you it’s blade.

Sir Sledger Hammer